Mirrors create an unparalleled atmosphere in any room. They skillfully reflect light and colors, creating a play of light and shadows. This creates visual depth and expands the space, making it more attractive and spacious.


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Special look

Each Bigwood mirror has a unique look. Their unique design becomes an ideal element in interior design, adding aesthetics and luxury to the space.

Details are important

Details shape our products. Attention to detail in quality and design shapes their overall unsurpassed appearance. This creates those unique mirrors that take your breath away with their beauty and sophistication

Features of mirrors

3D milled frame

An absolutely unique design of our mirrors, made in close connection with the professionalism of the master and the machine. The mirrors has an elegant and stylish shape that definitely attracts attention

Solid oak frame

The mirrors is made of solid oak, which speaks of its durability and stability. Oak wood is known for its strength and elegant appearance, so this mirror will be a worthy addition to any interior.

The wall mirror from BIGWOOD is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and beauty. Its unsurpassed look and solid oak finish make it an elegant addition to any interior. This mirror embodies impeccable quality and style, making it an irreplaceable element of room decoration.